Brown Diamond


KASHIKEY BROWN DIAMOND, the world’s first original brand to use only natural brown diamonds, was launched in 2003 by Kashikey Co., Ltd., a company offering both loose diamonds and jewelry.
The brand’s establishment was inspired by loose brown diamonds that a trustworthy sightholder (diamond supplier) introduced to the company one day. The surface of the loose diamonds was cut carefully and revealed indescribable beauty and brilliance.
Brown diamonds at the time were not well known and hardly mentioned in the jewelry industry. Kashikey was among the first to realize that high quality brown diamonds, if polished beautifully with the same care as colorless and transparent diamonds, have comparable allure and appeal. This marked the start of the original KASHIKEY BROWN DIAMOND brand.

In the years since, the brand has produced numerous jewelry creations with a commitment to designs that enhance individuality, and painstaking craftsmanship, while maintaining profound brilliance and the shine and translucent sparkle unique to natural diamonds. Furthermore, the brand has striven to display color gradations—the greatest feature of brown diamonds not found in colorless and transparent diamonds, opening up possibilities of natural colored diamonds. KASHIKEY BROWN DIAMOND will continue to offer unique beauty and sparkle, as a maker of fine jewelry for sophisticated women who live in accord with their own values and sensitivities.

About Kashikey

Kashikey Co., Ltd. was founded in 1928.
It is a company offering both loose diamonds and jewelry.
We purchase high quality loose diamonds through our network of world-class suppliers, and supply them to major Japanese manufacturers. Kashikey has built a reputation as a leading diamond dealer in Japan.
Over the years, Kashikey has dedicated itself to promoting diamonds, and has received many commendations and awards in Japan and overseas for its achievements and contributions. Its strict and thorough quality control made possible by in-house expert staff, and extensive collection of gemstones, are products of in-depth know-how and experience acquired over its heritage of more than 90 years.