Brown Diamond

The brown diamonds used by KASHIKEY BROWN DIAMOND are reviewed using stringent standards by Kashikey’s specialist staff based in India, Belgium, and other locations. We purchase all diamonds directly and use only carefully selected high quality brown diamonds. The sourced loose diamonds are managed with strict control in-house and are categorized by size, shade, and tone. Our stock of vast loose diamonds and meticulous categorization system allow for KASHIKEY BROWN DIAMOND’s range of jewelry designs.
In addition, we use original gold colored settings, including the “Brown Gold” we have developed to enhance the beauty of brown diamonds. Our commitment is reflected in every detail.

KASHIKEY BROWN DIAMOND’s creations are made with attention to quality craftsmanship. Each jewelry piece carefully created by master craftsmen is exquisite and beautiful and exudes a unique elegance against the skin. Enjoy the timeless glimmer of Made in Japan jewelry.