Brown Diamond

Brown diamonds are natural diamonds with colors created by natural processes.

The color and brilliance of brown diamonds are the blessings of nature.
Brown diamonds are a type of diamond and a natural mineral formed by natural processes on Earth.
Because of their shiny, pure and refined glimmer, there is no doubt that brown diamonds are real diamonds.
Their brown color is a natural color that is not synthetically created.

Brown diamonds feature a variety of tone variations.

Brown diamonds are brown-colored gemstones with an enchanting sparkle, and their color has more than one shade. At Kashikey, in order to show the different color variations—the greatest feature of brown diamonds, brown diamonds of all sizes are classified by human eye one by one into subdivisions categorized by hue and tint. Our extensive lineup is supported by a variety of subtle tone variations ranging from light brown to dark brown.

Brown diamonds create styles of all kinds.

With a variety of tone variations, brown diamonds can evoke all kinds of styles.
Their light and dark shades can be used to display a gradation, or they can be combined with white diamonds. You can wear them casually or elegantly. Their design possibilities are infinite, and they match any outfit. Whether brown diamonds are worn casually with a simple shirt style or paired with formal wear, they add a touch of understated, sophisticated elegance. Brown diamonds can be enjoyed casually and freely as a new way to show your personality.